Kite trip Norway

They call it a snowkiter's paradise.
Come find out why!

Snowkiting in Norway

Giant lakes, gradual hills, lots of snow.
No trees or wires wide far.
Just whistling wind, you ... and kite!

That you've never tried it before? Then you're in the right place.
If we watch over you, you'll be ripping in two days.

Hardangervidda is a place with one of the best conditions for snowkiting in the world.
Why? Because of the huge ridable area, stable wind and really looong winter season.

Enjoy it with us!

Just get to Oslo, we'll take care of the rest.
We will:

  • drive you from Oslo Airport

  • accommodate and feed you

  • lend you a complete kite equip

  • explain what and how (if you have no experience yet)

  • take you to a spot with the best conditions for that day

  • warm you up in our adventure multivan

  • depending on your mood and courage, we can help you experience another Nordic adventure

Base Camp

Our base is a typical Norwegian cabin in Ustaoset. It's kind of a strategic location. The first spots on the plateau are a 15-minute drive away, if the wind blows and the road is closed, we go kiting on a local lake or we can set off for great downhills to Geilo.


a place to go in a weaker south wind


a starting point for polar explorers heading for the southern parts of the plain


the perfect start for newcomers


the legendary spot and the best that Norway has to offer


Table Mountain, a landmark with fantastic views


Your Nordic adventure with Upwind

It's designed to be as comfortable as possible for you. We provide full service, all you have to do is enjoy it. If the weather is good, we hit the plateau every morning. We pick spots with the best conditions for given day and there are two multivans, so there's no problem, even if all of us don't agree on the program. The cars are heated, you can always get in at any time during the day.

And it's no exception that we end the day with an evening trip with kites back to the cabin.

It doesn't have to end with kiting!

Depending on the weather and your shape, we can go on a multi-day trip with sleeping in a tent, in the snow-shelter, or in one of the accessible cabins! (we will rent you the equipment.) You can try to pull the pulk with the kite, cooking on and from the snow, or dressing a frozen and sometimes snowy ski boots in the morning.

To liven up, we can rent a cross-country skis, there are great ski slopes around, or you can go snowshoeing or dog sledding... and not only children will certainly appreciate sledding on the slope, which we have only for ourselves. Pure hapiness and experience for the rest of your life!

Under the supervision of experienced arctic explorers

Throughout the whole stay, you will be guided by experienced explorers who are coming to the area since 2010 and know it like home backyard. They will recommend you the best spots for the day and your skills, they will drive you there and if you like, they will watch after you, explain how to kite and in two days you will be ripping!

What's the price

It's simple: 820 EUR person/week

it includes:
  • transfer from/to Oslo airport
  • transfer to spots during the week
  • accomodation with half-board
  • pleasant handling and guidance on the plateau :)
this is up to you:
  • transfer to/from Norway
  • insurance
  • equipment rental & snowkiting courses

When to come

Snowkiting season usually lasts from early January to the end of April. In the beginning, when the days are shorter, a steady wind blows through the endless plains of fresh powder. The wind gets lighter at the end of the season, but you will get tanned and there's a chance for northern lights during the night.

  • august
  • september
  • october
  • november
  • december
  • january
  • february
  • march
  • april
  • may
  • june
  • july

if you want to hear our lovely voice right away, call +420 736 130 700

Bikers and hikers will not get bored here even after we have packed the kites.
From May to December you can rent the whole cabin through airbnb

Let's go!

How to get to us

BY AIRCRAFT flies to Oslo-Gardemoen and prices start at EUR 80 for a return ticket with cabin baggage only. Additional luggage costs around EUR 25 per item (and one trip) = standard luggage or ski / snowboard bag. (except for ski boots you can borrow the rest of the equipment from us)

  • Way there: Saturday flight arrival until 13:00 to Oslo, there we will pick you up and drive for about 4 hours by car to Ustaoset (transport from the airport is included in the trip)
  • Way back: Either we get up a bit early on Saturday, or we will party hard on Friday, but we can catch any plane that leaves Oslo after 10:00 am


In our opinion, this is the best way to get here, even with smaller (2+) groups of people. You can take any equipment with you, with a little luck you will be able to smuggle over-limit alcohol across the Norwegian border, and you can kite one day longer compared to traveling by plane.

  • Way there: Just drive:) Recommended ferries when coming from central Europe:
  • Way back: After the Saturday kiting, you can have a shower and coffee in our cabin and then head back home in tears;)
Where are you going to stay


Typical Norwegian cabin in Ustatoset. It has two floors, it accommodates 10 people and has everything to have - sauna, large living room with fireplace and amazing views of the village and lake behind it, 5 double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms & 2 toilets and a few other irrelevant rooms (hall, cellar and kitchen)

Unlimited internet is available for poor remote workers, but we don't like to see it!

The cabin is right in the „center“, it won't be far anywhere:

  • 10 minutes by car to Haugastøl (entrance to the plateau)
  • 15 minutes by car to the first snowkite spot on the plateau (Ørteren)
  • 15 minute walk to the local spot on Lake Ustevatnet (can be used if there is whiteout at the plateau and the road is closed)
  • 2 minutes walk to the local store
You won't die of hunger!


After all-day kiting you certainly don't want to spend evenings by the cooker,
so we offer a trip with a half-board.
Breakfast table will be full of yummies (freshly baked bread, mixed eggs, sausages, butter, ham and cheese, muesli, yoghurts, coffee, tea, milk ...)
For dinner during the week we serve a variety of dishes of global cuisine.

We try to adapt to special tastes and diets and arrange meals with each group in advance.

Who will we meet?

We have successfully received your reservation.

You can find the recap in your email. We'll get back to you as soon as possible, but if you're in a hurry or we don't respond fast, don't hesitate to give us a call! | +420 736 130 700

Bikers and hikers will not get bored here even after we have packed the kites.
From May to December you can rent the whole cabin through airbnb